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We’re a global development and consulting firm

headquartered in France with a keen tendency towards Agile software development and a healthy obsession for Perl. Our work is our passion and clients from all around the world are relying on us for Agile training, software audits, systems development and maintenance.
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Perl - Agile - Testing

Fresh perspectives. Objective recommendations. Specialised expertise. Business Awareness. Read more
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Perl - Agile - Testing

Relevant. Efficient. Results-oriented for the company and the employees. Read more
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Game development

Immersive story - Accessibility - Perl

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Free to play. Post-apocalyptic future story.. Read more
How we work
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We’re not afraid of big hairy problems, but seek them instead. We come up with solutions and deliver business value for multinational companies across several industries.
We’ve achieved consistent track record of on-target solutions by standardising our processes and ensuring on time delivery with variable team sizes.
Modern Perl
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We’re strong advocates and practitioners of Modern Perl. Modern developers don’t write monolithic scripts to control entire data centers, nor do they use CGI.pm to print HTML. As such, we build Web applications with Dancer2 or Mojolicious and we control data centers with well-designed applications and reusable components. If you need to build a new project, you can rely on us to include tests, documentation and use best practices when building your system. We’ll get it done faster… and better.
Dealing with legacy systems

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Some Perl systems have been built by people with little training or experience in creating large-scale systems and are thus hard to maintain and extend. While the budget of rewriting a large system may need to be substantial, the total cost of ownership for the current systems will frequently exceed it.
As we’ve dealt with legacy systems for the past decade, we’re equipped to handle them in a straightforward and simple approach. This way we ensure everlasting code reliability, intact business intelligence and remove the burden of having to maintain two systems at the same time.
The decision to whether rewrite or refactor your application should not be taken easily, but we always suggest it if it makes business sense. No matter your decisions, we’re up for any task at hand.
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We take pride in being invited to speak at worldwide conferences where we cover frequent core issues developers are likely to face when building large scale systems. Recent attendances include: