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Fresh perspectives. Objective recommendations. Specialised expertise. Business Awareness.

Our consultancy expertise helps us solve specific problems, regardless of their nature. Whether the motives include lack of time, no expertise or lack of resources, we’ve delivered highly valuable solutions to fit our clients' needs.

Perl Consulting

Perl is loved because it’s battle-tested. Backed by many years of development, focus on reliability and annual version releases, Perl delivers and gets increasingly better. We’ve been using Perl for almost two decades to build complex software applications and modernize older ones.
Additionally, we also like playing with Go, Lua and other languages. We don’t shy away from anything as long as we make a positive impact.
Since we understand the old and the new, the legacy and the future, we are unlike any software development agency you’ve ever worked with.

Testing Consulting

No matter how much we’d love to, no code is shipped perfectly. However, we love doing things right and we’ve built a consulting service around testing best practices.
Moreover, our CTO, Curtis, has written the test harness which currently ships together with the Perl language and teaches testing from introductory to advanced.

Agile Consulting

We’ve been at the forefront of Agile since the term was first coined, and have a history of successful implementation over the last two decades. At All Around The World, we make Agile straightforward and easy to implement by training organisations and individuals at both the strategic level, to align their business with Agile and at the tactical level, to allow teams to respond quickly to changing requirements.