We're global by choice.

Who we are

The Team

With a cross country diversity and five continent location, our employees and contractors are among the best. We’ve chosen each of them not only for their skills and ability to bring innovative solutions, but also for their proactive attitude and analytical thinking. We are proud to be working with every one of them.

Leila Contraire

As Managing Director, Leila grew the company from a one employee shop to a team of almost thirty people. She is managing several highly distributed teams and is always present for teams or clients alike. Leila is the one making it happen. She’s the glue who keeps us together.

Curtis “Ovid” Poe

Curtis is an experienced speaker and developer with solid Perl language, Software Testing and Agile Development expertise which have brought him popularity in speaking at international conference and nonetheless reputation as a highly sought-after consultant within the company space.
As the CTO of All Around the World, Curtis is helping clients build excellent software.